César Luiz Leite, UWE Bristol

Cesar Leite

Name: César Luiz Leite
Brazil hometown: Leme, SP
Studying: MA Wildlife Filmmaking, UWE Bristol

Why did you choose to study in the UK?
The MA Wildlife Filmmaking is offered in only few places in the world. And this one specifically at UWE Bristol has a unique partnership with the BBC. That’s why I chose it.

What do you like most about the school?
I was impressed with the way the tutors of UWE are prepared to make you ready to start on the industry. They focus a lot on your CV, giving suggestions on what to do outside uni, putting you in touch with future employers. They transform you in a professional.

What do you like most about Bristol?
Bristol is a vibrant city. It never stops, 7 days a week. Culture here is everywhere. And the best: people are lovely, I feel 100% at home.

What are the main difficulties in studying abroad?
In the beginning it is a little bit difficult to understand the British accent, but in one month you’re totally used to. For this reason I feel it is important to have some weeks of adaptation before starting your course.
The long duration of the days during summer caused some confusion in my mind. With the sun setting at 10pm, your brain thinks it is 8pm when it is actually midnight. But actually it sounds amazing, don’t you think?

Did you face any kind of ‘culture shock’ when you arrived?
Not really. I came to Britain with the wish of incorporating everything they could offer me, to be part of their culture. Just some habits are difficult to change, like having early dinner during the winter. In general, the different things you need to get used to are a great lesson for your life, like the rubbish separation- the “culture shock” was actually when I was back in Brazil and saw all the food waste over some cans and plastic.

Do you have some tips to save money while studying abroad?
Some tips:
– As soon as you arrive in the country, the best to do is to ask the locals. They have all the information about the cheapest supermarkets, restaurants, etc, and it really makes the difference.
– Use your Brazilian Bank card to withdraw money (be aware they charge for each transaction), and not travel money cards (they charge more). I would definitely not recommend Santander. My advice would be to go for Banco do Brasil.

Do you have any advice for an international student studying abroad for the first time?
When you’re abroad you must take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity and incorporate the country’s culture, using the most of it to become a better person. Forget about keeping long hours in social media chatting with your old friends. The most you speak your own language, the less you become fluent in another. Finally, as you are going to another country, look forward to meeting international people- don’t make groups with your own country ones, otherwise what is the objective of your trip?